Happy Family
Happy Family (2017)
Genres: Adventure movie, animation, family
For All Audiences For All Audiences

Despite the title the Wishbone family are far from happy. In an attempt to reconnect as a family Mum, Emma, plans a fun night out. However her plan backfires - they are cursed by an evil witch and transformed into their own monstrous party costumes. Now they must pull together to battle real-life beasts; reverse the curse; and prove that even a vampire, a mummy, a werewolf, and Frankenstein's monster can eventually form one big happy family.

Dubbed in Latvian and Russian. Available in 2D and 3D.

Release Date: 03.11.2017
Length: 1h 36 min
Director: Holger Tappe
Production company: Ambient Entertainment GmbH, United Entertainment, Rothkirch Cartoon Film
Distributor: Garsu pasaulio irasai UAB
Happy Family
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