Hello, Cinemaniac!

Ze Diena has come! It is a day when all roads do not lead to Rome any more! One Ze Diena all roads take You to the house where cinema lives - to the film theatre Kino Citadele!

Don't be late and be the first to watch the best movies of the world for the lowest price in the very heart of Riga! This unique chance is given only a couple of times during the year when Rome and Hollywood meets in the heart of Riga!

Only on Ze Diena You can become one of nearly 14,000 cinemagoers, You can taste some of 7,850 litres of the sold popcorn, enjoy a sip of almost 2,000 litres of the special Coca-Cola drink. Only on this single day You can join the record-holders by watching the greatest number of movies within 12 hours!

Don't be late since the number of seats is limited!

Don't forget to enjoy other special offers of Ze Diena, for example, buy the special popcorn set for the special price of Ze Diena!

See You soon on Ze Diena!



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