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PopHouse Gift Vouchers

POP'KARTE paredzēta vienam komplektam:
- Dubultā uzkoda + vidējais (M) dzēriens vai Nachos ar 2 mērcēm + vidējais (M) dzēriens;

Price per unit: 6,50


PopHouse Gift Vouchers

Dāvanu karte paredzēta vienam vidējā popkorna komplektam, kurā ietilpst:
- Vidējais popkorns (saldais / sāļais);
- Vidējais (M) dzēriens (Coca-Cola / Coca-Cola Zero / Fanta / Sprite).

Price per unit: 6,70

Rules and Regulations of the PopHouse Gift Vouchers:


PopHouse vouchers are valid for use in PopHouse caffe, on cinema „Kino Citadele” second floor

The unused Gift Vouchers will not be exchanged after the expiry date;

It is forbidden to sell or otherwise use the Gift Vouchers for commercial gain without the permission of SIA Forum Cinemas;

Additional information:



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