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Gift vouchers

Cinema going is always in your pocket!

Gift vouchers are the perfect gift for everyone – your friends, family, schoolmates or colleagues enabling them to visit their favourite movies at any day of the week and at any time during validation term 3 months.


Gift vouchers at cinema box office


The price for one Cinema Gift Voucher for Children is 4.50 EUR; it is valid for one kid up to the age of 12 for one attendance of a movie with the age limit U or 7+.

The price of one gift voucher is 7.80 € and it is valid for one person to attend one show at any time.

We are also offering sets of gift vouchers for special prices:

  • Set of 3 gift vouchers – for 21.00 € (with discount -10%);
  • Set of 5 gift vouchers – for 33.00 € (with discount -15%);

For your special gift to be complete we offer special gift certificate covers free of charge.


Buy gift vouchers on the Internet

Now the best cinema gift available also on the Internet!

On purchasing your set of gift vouchers on the Internet, you will receive your order as an e-mail attachment, which you can spend yourself or forward to your gift recipient.
To purchase gift vouchers, you need to log in.

PDF file of cinema gift cards will be available immediately after payment and for your convenience it will be sent to your e-mail. Please save or print a PDF file, because it won’t be available later on your account!



Price per unit: 10,20



Price per unit: 4,50



Price per unit: 7,80



Price per unit: 7,00



Price per unit: 6,60


Rules and Regulations of the gift voucher
  • Cinema gift vouchers are valid from the next day after purchase;
  • The gift voucher is valid for one person to attend one show at any time at Kino Citadele;
  • One Cinema Gift Voucher for Children is valid for one kid up to the age of 12 for one attendance of a movie with the age limit U or 7+;
  • The gift vouchers must be exchanged for a ticket at the cinema box office before the show or at;
  • The gift vouchers is not valid for „Special Events”, such as live broadcasts of opera and ballet performances, concerts, football games and other events;
  • The unused gift vouchers will not be exchanged after the expiry date;
  • It is forbidden to sell or otherwise use the Cinema Gift Vouchers for commercial gain without the permission of Forum Cinemas Ltd;
  • Additional information:

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