e-Vouchers in your Cinema Club account!

Buy a set of e-Vouchers and accrue them to your Cinema Club account!

  • e-Voucher is a cinema attendance you can buy at www.forumcinemas.lv and add to your Cinema Club account.
  • You can spend your e-Voucher by exchanging it for a ticket to any film show at any time except ISENSE auditorium
  • e-Voucher is valid 3 months from the moment of purchase.

5x e-Voucher combo price 30,00€.
10x e-Voucher combo price 57,80€.

Buy e-Vouchers

5x e-Voucher combo

Price per unit: 6,00

Buy e-Vouchers

10x e-Voucher combo

Price per unit: 5,78

ATTENTION! e-Vouchers are available electronically only and cannot be printed out or forwarded!

You can view your e-Voucher status – the number of your e-Vouchers, their expiry-date and history of use – in your Cinema Club profile at MY PAGE - MY E-VOUCHERS.

You can exchange your e-Voucher for any film show by logging in at our home page or at the box office of the film theatre upon presenting your Cinema Club card.

Terms of Expenditure:

  • e-Voucher is valid for expenditure promptly after the moment of its purchase;
  • e-Voucher is valid for one person for one attendance of a film show at any time in the film theatre „Kino Citadele” except ISENSE auditorium;
  • before the show you have to exchange your e-Voucher for a ticket to a film show at the box office of the film theatre, on www.forumcinemas.lv or m.forumcinemas.lv;
  • no refund for difference in price between an e-Voucher and a ticket is applicable;
  • e-Voucher is not valid for „Special Events” – opera and ballet shows or broadcasts of concerts, football games, etc.;
  • unused e-Vouchers will not be exchanged for tickets after their expiry-date;
  • additional information at: kinokarte@forumcinemas.lv.


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