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Under 16 not recommended
Side by Side
By chance, Luize and Kaspars meet on a trip to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve. She’s running away from annoying neighbours and general sense of pointlessness; he’s running away from a failing marriage. They’re both young, talented, and lost; they both want to become artists; they’re both unsure how to go on about their lives.
Release Date: 01.03.2019, Length: 1h 20 min
Genres: Comedy, drama
Alise Zariņa
Under 16 not recommended
The Man in the Orange Jacket
The Man in the Orange Jacket
A business executive lays off hundreds of harbor workers after they go on strike. He and his wife plan to escape the stress by taking an Italian vacation. On the evening before the trip, one of the fired workers, dressed in an orange harbor worker safety jacket, slips into their home.
Release Date: 20.02.2015, Length: 1h 11 min
Genres: Crime, horror, fantasy
Aik Karapetian


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