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Under 12 not recommended
Homo Novus
Homo Novus
Riga in the 30-ies. Wild bohemian lifestyle is the name of the game for every artist worth his salt. A young man from the countryside, poor but ambitious, arrives in the capital. His name is Juris Upenājs, and he hopes to make his mark in the artistic circles.
Release Date: 28.09.2018, Length: 2h 02 min
Genres: Comedy, romance
Anna Viduleja
Under 12 not recommended
The Dark Deer
Dark Deer, The
Ria, a seventeen years old girl, a sensitive and unpredictable wild child, full of mystery, inhabits the centre of the story. Ria's mother has suffered in an accident and has not been speaking since the moment of the birth of her daughter. The family breeds the deer for selling but the business does not succeed.
Release Date: 15.09.2006, Length: 1h 25 min
Genres: Drama


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