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Under 12 not recommended
Blizzard of Souls
Dvēseļu putenis
A sixteen-year-old Arturs enlists to fight in World War I with dreams of becoming a hero, but after surviving the brutalities of trench warfare and the loss of his family, he wonders if his efforts in battle were futile and if hope is only to be found in rebuilding a family and a home as Latvia itself is born from the atrocities of war.
Release Date: 08.11.2019, Length: 2h 03 min
Genres: War, drama, historical
Dzintars Dreibergs
For All Audiences
Grandpa More Dangerous Than Computer
Vectēvs, kas bīstamāks par datoru
A film for the whole family. 8 year-old Oskars' summer vacation in the countryside begins as a seemingly never-ending struggle with his Grandpa, but what then turns into a solid friendship allows the men to rescue Grandma from her former student's scheme. Movie in Latvian with subtitles in Russian.
Release Date: 18.08.2017, Length: 1h 35 min
Genres: Family
Varis Brasla
For All Audiences
Then it's Hi! Hi! Hee!
Džimlai Rūdi Rallallā!
The elderly nursing home residents for years feel worthless and troublesome. But they want to be useful and experience something uncommon at the end of their lives.
Release Date: 07.03.2014, Length: 1h 46 min
Genres: Drama
For All Audiences
Three Musketeers, The
Three Musketeers, The
The 17th century France is filled with action and intrigue - the feelings run high around Queen Ann of Austria. Cardinal Rishelieu of France and Duke Buckingham of England have fallen in love with her. The King and the Cardinal have their own guards - musketeers for the King and guardists for the Cardinal.
Release Date: 07.07.2006, Length: 1h 17 min
Genres: Animation


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