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Mitya is a twelve-year-old boy who loves to draw comics about superheroes. Mithia's parents have been creating robots for years. Engineers made a mistake in the calculations, the robotic system. The new Android A-112 is not capable of shooting and is friendly and useful.
Release Date: 01.11.2019, Length: 1h 33 min
Genres: Adventure movie, family, sci Fi
Sarik Andreasyan
Under 12 not recommended
The last hope of cinema, producer and film director Fyodor, owe money to the "brothers" of the 90s. Artist Sergei played all the roles from Jesus Christ to the squirrel. Sergei has run out of the roles, he's depressed. Number one TV host of country, Ivan, can not stop joking in everyday life.
Release Date: 17.11.2017, Length: 1h 33 min
Genres: Comedy
Under 12 not recommended
Gentlemen of Fortune
Джентльмены, удачи!
A young animator from a kid centre Lyosha Tryoshkin is a dead ringer for a very dangerous criminal named Smiley (known for his infamous habit to smile before he murders) who stole the priceless symbol of Kazakhstan – The Golden Warrior Armor – from a St. Petersburg museum.
Release Date: 28.12.2012, Length: 1h 40 min
Genres: Comedy
Under 12 not recommended
High Security Vacation
Каникулы строгого режима
Two cirminals Koltsov and Sumarokov escape from high security prision just to accidentally become Young Pioneer leaders in a Young Pioneer camp. To their suprise, they discover a lot of talents of communicating and caring for a younger generation in themselves...
Release Date: 28.08.2009, Length: 1h 57 min
Genres: Comedy


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