Three Musketeers, The
Three Musketeers, The (2006)
Genres: Animation
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The 17th century France is filled with action and intrigue - the feelings run high around Queen Ann of Austria. Cardinal Rishelieu of France and Duke Buckingham of England have fallen in love with her. The King and the Cardinal have their own guards - musketeers for the King and guardists for the Cardinal. Despite the ban for affairs of honour (duels) both the leading noblemen of France are thrilled by the frequent clashes between their two military groups and they enjoy their success.

A young lad d'Artagnan arrives in Paris and gets acquainted with three famous King's musketeers - Atoss, Portoss and Aramiss, falls in love with his housemaster's wife Mrs. Bonasieux, gets admitted to the musketeers and finally - he saves the Queen.

Dubbed by Edgars Lipors, Kaspars Pūce, Jānis Skanis, Dainis Porgants, Dita Lūriņa, Jānis Kirmuška, Guna Zariņa, Andris Zūzens, Pēteris Šogolovs, Mārtiņš Vilsons, Leons Krivāns

Directed by Jānis Cimermanis

Movie in Latvian language.

Release Date: 07.07.2006
Length: 1h 17 min
Production company: Ink, Aboom, Zentropa Entertainments3
Distributor: Forum Cinemas, SIA


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